Friday, October 5, 2012

Top 5 selling wedding dresses

1.Ivory Romantic Natural Sweetheart A-line Sleeveless Beading/Crystals/Lace Floor-length Organza/Satin Zipper Wedding Dress (GGCWD1736-YRF-013) Ivory Romantic Natural Sweetheart A-line Sleeveless Beading/Crystals/Lace Floor-length Organza/Satin Zipper Wedding Dress (GGCWD1736-YRF-013)
$299.00 $628.00 

2.Sweep-Train Natural One-Shoulder A-line Beading/Embroidery/Ruched/Sequins Lace-up Taffeta Modern Sleeveless Ivory Floor-length Wedding Dress (GGCWD1790-WYN060)
Sweep-Train Natural One-Shoulder A-line Beading/Embroidery/Ruched/Sequins Lace-up Taffeta Modern Sleeveless Ivory Floor-length Wedding Dress (GGCWD1790-WYN060)
$239.00 $508.00 
3.Lace-up A-line Train Taffeta Appliques/Beading/Ruched/Sequins Elegant Ivory Natural Sleeveless V-neck Floor-length Cathedral Wedding Dress (GGCWD1786-WYN033) Lace-up A-line Train Taffeta Appliques/Beading/Ruched/Sequins Elegant Ivory Natural Sleeveless V-neck Floor-length Cathedral Wedding Dress (GGCWD1786-WYN033)
$240.00 $510.00 
4.Ball Gown Princess Wedding Dresses,Floor-length Natural Elegant
Ball Gown Princess Wedding Dresses,Floor-length Natural Elegant Taffeta(GGCWD1801-WYN006)
$199.00 $428.00 

5.Cheap Ball Gown Wedding Dresses,Basque Taffeta Ruched/Sequins Classic Ivory(GGCWD1259)
Cheap Ball Gown Wedding Dresses,Basque Taffeta Ruched/Sequins Classic Ivory(GGCWD1259)  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What a Bride Wants ?

Welcome and congratulations, for you have just found your fairy God mother. Now close your eyes and visualize what you wish to look like and voila! There you go. Yes, it is as simple as ABC when you get everything that you need at one place that too at an unbeatable price.  Doesn’t matter which occasion it is- there is something for everyone, for every day and for your special day. It’s our responsibility to make you stand out from the crowd.

The Leading online wedding apparel and dresses store under brand G&G
These gems have life in them:  their colors speak, say what words fail of.  (George Eliot). Your jewelry speaks volumes about your personality. Some pieces bestow you with that divine elegance and grace while others might highlight the playful mischievous part of you.  The perfect piece becomes a part of your aura and attracts attention towards you, not itself.  We have choicest articles & widest variety to satisfy craving of even the greediest jewelry collectors.
You would agree that we all have certain celebrities as our fashion icons. We get smitten away by their chic fashion sense as they manage to look effortlessly stylish even when out doing groceries and while at red carpet- simply magical. So we also drive inspiration from these classy ladies and make you feel like the show stopper at your special day.  Whether you want to bring out your playful side with mini Evening dresses or want to look like the epitome of elegance with floor length sweeping gowns, you don’t need to look any further. When you shine like a sun others are bound to become sunflowers!
Now for all you brides to be out there, Grand Gowns is definitely your one stop destination for everything that you need for that one day in your life. Women are very particular about their trousseau, and are rightly so- the cut, color and fabric everything should flatter the body type. Similarly, accessories are just as important because even the most delicious food is incomplete without garnishing. And how can we ignore the importance of pretty shoes when all the girls have wanted to be Cinderella at some point of their lives? Get The look- you dream of it, G&G makes it happen.
As they say Dress that Impress
Place your trust in us, G&G won’t disappoint you and you would end up exclaiming- it was worth it!
Don’t forget to visit G&G  website and facebook pages

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mother’s Day - The Love Your Mother Deserves

God has created a relation, which has no comparison, no substitute, no alternative, which is so sweet, and that relation is ‘Mother’. One relationship, which is always with us, is the one we share with our mothers. They are our guiding force and are responsible for making us who we are. Mothers also shape our lives and our personalities. This woman gave birth to us. She is our protector, our nurse, the best friend we will ever have and a whole lot more. We will constantly be in her heart and on her mind up until the time, she closes her eyes to sleep, and then no guarantee we are not in her dreams.

A mother will dedicate all her time and her whole worth to her children so she deserves repaying in kind, not that she will expect this, however still a lovely thing to do. Mother's Day is celebrated to honor all mothers and express gratitude for the hardships they bear in bringing up a child. Most countries including US, Australia, Canada, and Pakistan celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. Mother’s Day came into being due to the efforts made by Ms Julia Ward Howe and Ms Anna Jarvis. The Resolution for having a dedicated Mother's Day was signed by US President Woodrow Wilson on May 8, 1914. Since then people across the world have been celebrating Mother’s Day with joy and devotion.

Every day of the week we can tell our mother how much we love her but it is on this day when that "I love you" becomes that extra bit special. It is the day to show complete love and affection to our mothers and we have to do something to make it special for them. It is natural for a mother to love, give and care for her kids and expect nothing in return, and neither is she the sort of person to hold a grudge if we forget to give her a gift. However, we should keep in mind that how can we surprise our mother and make her happy because it is her special day.

Mother is always going to be easy to please, and no matter the cost or size of your gift, she will welcome it. To show someone your love does not always evolve around money, so do not worry if money is tight. Remember no matter how little or big the gift will have no significance where mother is concerned. Mother will never give the price of the present a thought. The only thought she will be thinking about is "It's the thought that counts." We have to choose gifts for our mothers according to her personality and likings. Flower is the best gift we can buy for our mothers on mother’s day. More over there are variety of accessories we can buy for our mothers like jewelry, scarves, sandals, kitchen stuff, fashion apparels etc. We can take our mother for lunch or dinner and we can give her cards in which we can express our deep love for her through writing.
Another unique idea for mother’s day is to arrange a small surprise function for her at home. For this we can decorate our houses, invite our neighbors and with our friends, we can prepare dances by wearing our prom dresses if we have. On this occasion, our mothers like to have breakfast, dinner or lunch prepared by us. Therefore, we can do it easily by making a meal for her, which she likes. Another idea is to give her rest for the whole day as if she is our queen and do everything for her, which she demands. Therefore, there are so many ideas to show our love to our mothers and to make her day special
The thing we should keep in our mind is that we have to honor our mothers not only on this day but also on every day. The idea of celebrating this day is that apart from our daily routine we can express our love for mothers in a special way just to make it different. Mothers are so lovely. Their hearts are so weak for us so we should never hurt them and we have to make her every day like “Mother’s day.”  

GrandGowns is going to host a contest on MOTHER's DAY at her facebook page 
You can win a gorgeous gift for your  sweet mum at this Mother's Day just by Entering the Contest HERE

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Letter to Dear Customers and Fans

Letter to Dear Customers and Fans
Dearest Customers and Friends:
Since the company's founding in 2010, GGC has been dedicated to the satisfaction and the joy of our customers. Our one
and only goal is to offer the best dress at the best price to our customers all over the world. Each moment of Wow when
you open the package to see the new gorgeous dress comes together to make us one of the fastest growing and most
successful companies in the market.
With great pleasure we would like to announce a new milestone in our achievements – GGC has been acquired by At this moment, we have completed the seamless integration of the operations and have transited
 into a best-ever position to provide innovative design, unparalleled quality and superb service to our customers. The website will be retired shortly. Please direct all your inquiries to
This acquisition will provide more opportunities for us to expand into new markets and bring us closer to the implementation
of our plan of establishing physical presence at the locations near you. Such presence will enable our customers to try on
the latest styles and receive professional alteration.
It is always our pleasure to serve you and see your smile. We are confident in the near future will be
 the one-stop place for all your dressing needs.
Thank you. Much love to all of you! & GGC Team
April 17, 2012
We have also updated our email box:
Any order placing issue, pls contact;
If any aftersale issue, pls contact Thank you!

Monday, April 23, 2012

GrandGowns - Wedding Apparel & Dresses That Impress

Gorgeous Lilac Princess One Shoulder Empire Sleeveless Prom Dress
Gorgeous Lilac Princess One Shoulder Empire Sleeveless Prom Dress

GrandGowns - Wedding Apparel & Dresses That Impress

Simple Sheath Sweetheart Lace-up Beading Chapel Train Wedding Dress

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Celebrity Imitation Contest!

Dear Beauties: Let’s make something fun out of the following Celebrity Imitation Contest to win celebrity inspired dresses! Isn’t it much funny? To win a super dress, join us! Prize: First Prize: The beauty who gets the highest points (one likes =1 point, one share=2 points) will win the first prize, A GORGEOUS CUSTOME MADE DRESS; Second prize: The beauty who gets second highest votes can get the blue jade pendant. Third prize: The beauty who gets third highest votes can get one randomly chosen leather clutch. Participation Prize for all voters (10): 10 fans randomly selected from all voters, who will get randomly chosen earrings. All participants including the voters shall Like our Face book page (, follow & reblog our twitter (, follow our tumblr (, and share this activity to your Blog, FB & forum.:) Rule: 1. To participate and win the dress: A. Anybody who thinks herself looks like a celebrity or star can submit her photo at our FB wall to get likes. (If you feel a little bit insecure of your photo, you can blur the photo a bit.) You can just put as: My entry, name, and to whom you imitate. We only count the likes from this imitated photo. B. To participate in the contest and win the dress, you need to pick up a prom dress ( or celebrity inspired dress ( which you think most pretty and share with all fans at our FB wall. (no specific format required here and no likes count here) 2. For voters: You can just give the likes if you prefer somebody. The more likes you give, the higher possibility you have to be chosen randomly among our final winners. 3. The entry will be closed on 26th of April, and we announce the winners before May, 1. Note: We encourage our fans to get more friends to vote for you :)